Day: September 14, 2010

harnessing the habits of the Facebook generation

As I booted up my day yesterday, I had to actively resist the temptation to login to Facebook straight away. I don’t know, maybe I’ve begun to take to heart the way people of a certain vintage rail at Facebook usage, complaining that it’s a bad habit. Or maybe I’ve just finally realised how easily it distracts me and absorbs my time…

Anyway, I was thinking about this when I remembered how Natalie and I used to maintain a list of pretty much everyone we knew who we’d pray for in small bunches each day. For whatever reason we haven’t kept it up.

If nothing else, it was a great discipline. I’m confident God used our prayers to do his thing in the lives of our friends and family. What’s more, God certainly used the exercise to write the names of the people we were praying for on our hearts — even when we’d been out of touch for a while and didn’t really know what was going on for them.

Then it struck me. Maybe Facebook is that list — or at least the start of it! Better still, it’s more or less regularly updated by the very people we’re connected with.

Rather than treating the temptation to login first thing as a bad habit, maybe we can harness it for good. Is it cheesy? Heck yes! But it just might work. And help us back on the horse…