Day: September 21, 2010

somebody drag me into the 21st century!

I have a confession to make: I’m not an Early Uptaker.

Shocking, I know. I own a Macbook but have never stood in line overnight awaiting the release of the latest product Steve Jobs has dreamed up. I don’t own an iPhone. In fact, I didn’t get a mobile phone until 2003 — and when I did it was a friend’s old handset with the cheapest possible pre-paid SIM! And … I don’t watch stuff on YouTube.

So I need your help.

A bit of context first: People keep telling me that the new generation doesn’t read books (although I know a few Luddites like me who still do). But I want to be able to help people reflect on life and God in light of the story of Jesus.

What I’d like is for you all to help drag me into the 21st century and tell me your Top 3 (or 5 or 10) video clips for helping people do this — reflect on life in light of the Christian good news. I don’t care whether it’s music videos, talking heads, interviews, testimonies, snippets of talks. You name it, I need to get across it.

So, please: the comments are yours. Have at it!