Day: October 14, 2010

back to the leadership drawing board

Tis the season for nominating and electing next year’s student committees at the La Trobe Christian Union. So that means we’ve been starting to get our heads into dreaming and planning for next year. And I’m definitely feeling the need to head back to the leadership drawing board.

conscience of mind, passion of body

It’s not so much that I’m ready to trash the thinking I’ve already done about leadership (some of which you can find sketched out HERE and HERE).

But now the rubber’s really about to hit the road. And so I’m keen to sort a few things out — especially in terms of how the approach to leadership that I’m most strongly drawn to, what some people might call the ‘partnership model’, works in the concrete situation of a university campus ministry.

Because I’m hoping that you can help me with this, I want to think out loud about leadership over the next few weeks (in amongst the usual eclectic mix of stuff).

To get the ball rolling though, perhaps we can compile a ‘best of’ of Christian leadership resources in the Comments section…