the rhythm of hospitality

I put together this clip as part of the stuff I’m working up about hospitality and mission. I do two things in it (so it’s a bit longer than the previous one):

  1. I outline what I call ‘the rhythm of hospitality’.
  2. And I apply it to inviting someone to a church event.

Happy viewing!


  1. I like it!
    Nice to have a kind of dynamic defined to help shape my expectations and actions. How well would this apply to other contexts? I was particularly wondering how it might apply outside a friendship context. You’re coming up to CCIW for mission soon and you’re scheduled to do a fair bit of doorknocking – would this dynamic be helpful for the doorknocking teams to help them think about what they’re doing when they knock on doors? The ‘hug’ metaphor sounds a bit too intimate to apply to cold-calling but the basic dynamic – Extend the invitation – Give them a reason – Allow them to respond (release) – Register their response – seems to apply. Would it be worth getting you to run the uni teams through this when you arrive?

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