Day: November 8, 2010

if I had a theme-song, I’d want this to be it

I’m increasingly convinced of this — and keep discovering that I need to say it (and remind myself of it) over and over again:

[T]o ‘evangelise’ means to declare the news about Jesus Christ. This may seem to be stating the obvious, but the implications of such a definition are far-reaching. It means that however much we may talk in the abstract about God, the problems of life, our sense of alienation, the reality of sin, the difference between grace and works, and so on, our evangelism is inadequate if it does not get past these things. It is not even adequate if Jesus is introduced at the crucial moment as the mechanism whereby God solves our problem. If the New Testament is anything to go by, our evangelism must be dominated by the proclamation of the event of Jesus and all that it means. The primary thrust of the gospel is how Jesus’ life, death and resurrection prove him to be the saving Lord of the world, to whom we must give allegiance.

The quote’s from the Simply Christianity Leader’s Manual. It’s fitting, I suppose, that John Dickson — a former muso — should have written my theme-song.

Now I just need a catchy hook!