we got reviewed!

Cuba Gallery: Urban / Lightroom preset rose vogue / city / umbrella / reflection / walking / rain

From Cuba Gallery (on Flickr)

A couple of weeks ago, our friend Carla gave a very flattering review of this blog on Hope 103.2FM.

Natalie and I really enjoyed the process of answering Carla’s questions. It helped clarify our sense of what we think we’re doing here — and what kind of conversations we’re hoping to foster.

We also appreciated the way Carla graciously reframed our (extreme) nerdiness in terms of ‘not dumbing down’ the good news as we reflect on stuff in this world that Jesus lays claim to.

At the risk of creating a universe-ending infinite regress or whatever, here’s a podcast of the review.

So thanks again, Carla!


  1. Hi, Chris and Nat! 🙂

    Thanks for your kind words! I’m so glad you were happy with the review. It was a real pleasure to review your blog, as I truly enjoy reading your intelligent interpretations of the Bible and the world around us. Thanks to you guys for answering my millions of questions- it really helped me to write the review! And thanks for just having an awesome blog!

    By the way, I honestly never thought of you guys as nerds. That’s probably because I am also a nerd, and as you know, I am married to a nerd! So, a nerd reviewing more nerds…I think THAT would cause a universe-ending infinite regress, for sure!

    Carla xoxo

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