Day: November 30, 2010

integrating Christian proclamation and social action

How to integrate our proclamation of Jesus with social action — and whether we should even bother trying — is one of the big underlying issues evangelicals of our generation must address.

As far as I can tell, it’s this issue that is animating the division between people like David VanDrunen and those who want to talk about and work towards the ‘redemption’ of human culture and institutions.

In this brief clip, N. T. Wright paints a compelling picture of the way Jesus’ resurrection — in which God ‘launches’ the new creation — provides a mandate and a platform for doing exactly that:

The details are tantalisingly thin (it is only a thumbnail sketch of the direction Wright’s heading, after all).

Careful attention would no doubt need to be paid to how Wright would unpack the relation between proclamation and action within the broad framework furnished by the resurrection.

But this has got to be the right place to start as we wrestle with what shape mission should take. And as we entrust ourselves to the risen Lord of all who poured himself out in love for all…