NTE Missions 2010 — resources round-up

canberra sunset

Canberra Sunset (on Flickr)

I’ve been in our nation’s capital for National Training Event (NTE) since late last week. NTE is the annual end of year conference for all the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students university Christian groups around the country.

It’s been a terrific time!

A bunch of us are heading off on mission today, pitching in with local churches and other ministries in different places. So I thought it’d be worth putting up a few links to some great resources:

  • Free sermon audio from Timothy Keller about exclusivity, absolutism, hell, literalism, suffering, injustice and doubt (available under the Resources for Individuals > The Reason For God tab).
  • My friend Andrew has made some excellent short essays and Bible studies available as resources on his blog.
  • The Centre for Public Christianity has a great collection of clips and articles on a bunch of different topics — they put out a series of 7 short clips about some common Christmas themes which are definitely worth a look.
  • And, of course, Christianity.net.au tackles a bunch of common questions about Christianity in crisp, short Q & A format.

(Depending on how your Christmas unfolds, you may also find some useful stuff here for lazy conversations while watching the cricket.)

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