leadership that’s full of loving attention

I reckon it’s probably about time I resume — and then round off — my recent musings about leadership.

I’ve been getting into the Duke Divinity School Faith and Leadership initiative lately. And I was particularly inspired by the picture Andy Crouch paints of Christian leadership here:

Crouch is the author of Culture Making, which is one of those books near the top of my ‘must read’ list.

In terms of the clip, I do wonder whether ‘contemplation’ is the best way to pitch the alternative to exploitation.

Maybe it’s just personal preference. But I think I’d want to speak about ‘loving attention’ instead of ‘contemplation’ — as a way to more explicitly embrace the affective dimension of this take on leadership.

I also find that after I’ve cheered and pumped my fist at how deeply right his thoughts about resisting exploitation feel, I’m left wanting more concrete detail about how to make it a practical reality…

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