Day: January 4, 2011

the real condiments of food

Discourses are the real condiments of food if … they are seasoned with salt. For word is whetted by word; and not only is the belly fed with food, but the heart is also fed with doctrine.”

— Martin Luther, Lectures on Genesis Chapters 15-20 (Luther’s Works, vol 3).

I love this quote.

And Natalie and I have found it to be true this Christmas and New Year as we’ve shared meals with family and friends.

We’ve prepared and enjoyed some great meals — such as roast duck with grilled asparagus and parsnip puree, marinated chicken with a middle eastern spiced cauliflower salad, and pizzas cooked on my new pizza stone!

But its the conversations (what Luther would call ‘discourses’) that have been the real highlight.

Our friends and family are such precious gifts from God!