Day: February 8, 2011

rationalism and revelation

I’ve been asked to write a short article about rationalism and (Christian) revelation — about 1000 word. Pitched at undergrads just commencing their studies. A bit like a ‘Philosophy 101’ course for young Christians.

I’ve yet to get my head fully into it. But at the moment I’m thinking of carving it up along these lines:

  1. The Grinding of The Tectonic Plates — an introduction touching on some of the everyday ways we experience the deep differences between rationalism and a trust in God’s revelation to us in the gospel.
  2. A Brief History of Rationalism — covering what it is (in essence), where it came from, and some of the common forms it’s taken.
  3. Rationalism From A Christian Perspective — examining what can be said positively for the impulse(s) animating the rationalist project as well as where Christians would need to part ways
  4. Being A Christian Ninja — a concluding case study picking out some features of a possible (constructive) Christian response to rationalism when we encounter it ‘on the ground’.

I’d love you to help me workshop this. Do you feel I’m headed in the right direction? Is there anything you’d want me to make sure I cover? Or things you reckon I can safely skip?