Day: March 16, 2011

what would it sound like to be filled with the Spirit?

I’ve been getting into David Powlison’s book on biblical counselling, Seeing With New Eyes (it is, as they say, an oldy but a goody).

Reflecting on the context of Paul’s exhortation to ‘be filled with the Spirit’ (Ephesians 5.15-20), Powlison says:

To be “filled with the Spirit” is to have your language alive to God, both your daily conversations with others and the inward conversation within your own heart. Your cognitive stream-of-consciousness and your social interactions are meant to be psalm-like and psalm-informed. That includes the ability to quote a psalm in a timely and relevant way, but it is something much more. Paul calls you to a lifestyle of joyous dependence on Christ, to live in faith like the Psalms. (‘Counsel Ephesians’, page 24)

My sense is that letting the Psalms shape our talk (and our self-talk) might protect us from developing an immaculate-looking, Ikea-Catalogue prayer life.

I also think it could help us pray honestly and well for victims of catastrophe as we seek to ‘show up’ for those who are suffering.

That’s what it’d sound like to be filled with the Spirit.