Day: May 2, 2011

what am I reading?

I know it’s a far cry from the high-minded goals I set for myself earlier in the year, but here’s what I’ve been reading lately. Some of it’s been online:

  • The first instalment of Matt’s exciting new series on the history of the church — 20 centuries in 20 posts (read his intro here).
  • Mark Sayers’ ‘cultural reading’ of Love Winspart 1, part 2, part 3. It’s about the phenomenon as much as the book. Having just finished the book, I’m increasingly convinced that that’s fair enough.
  • Dan’s recent PhD-inspired reflection on forgiveness, stories and principles.

But lots of it has been offline too:

  • Love Wins by Rob Bell
  • Atonement For A ‘Sinless’ Society by Alan Mann
  • The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
  • The Archer and the Arrow by Phillip Jensen and Paul Grimmond
  • Seeing With New Eyes by David Powlison
  • Galatians by J. Louis Martyn
  • And, feeling the lack of fiction in my diet, I’m about to embark on The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen…

Do you have any recommendations?