Day: June 9, 2011

grace without guilt … when you’re mixed up

Who am I?

It’s the million dollar question — and not just when you’re playing a ridiculously high stakes game of Guess Who?.

Christians know that we are made (and are being remade) in God’s image.

God created us to be lovers like him — lovers of God, others and his world. And we’re answerable to him for how we live and love.

We know this in our heads. But the way we live doesn’t always align.

It’s all too easy to get mixed up.

It happens to me most often when I ‘forget myself’. In the heat of the moment on the sporting pitch. In that split second when someone cuts in on me on the road.

Sure I’d ace the test on what the Christian response is meant to be.

But in the moment … I blow it.

Of course, I know that Christian growth isn’t meant to be easy. Progress isn’t always going to be one triumph after another. You know, Up And To The Right? Automatic. No effort required.

But Paul reminds us in Ephesians 2 that we are different — if we’ve come to trust in Jesus.

Whether you’re looking at the Before And After story from the ‘vertical’ perspective of our relationship with God or from the ‘horizontal’ angle of our relationships with others, God in his grace has changed us. One hundred percent.

He’s done the hard yards.

He’s answered the Who Am I question for us — in the most decisive, surprising and (humanly) impossible way. We are his dearly-loved children, a new family, the start of a whole new humanity.

The trick is remembering.

And helping each other to remember…