Day: September 7, 2011

are you Christ-centred or Spirit-remembering?

I’ve occasionally heard Christian people contrast being Christ-centred with being Spirit-remembering.

Either that or accuse evangelical Christians of being binitarian (rather than trinitarian) or believing in ‘Father, Son and Holy Bible’.

What I’ve noticed, though, is that the people who say these sorts of things can quite often end up working with a ‘binity’ all their own: Father and Spirit. (I’ve especially noticed it in their prayers.)

Honestly, how is that any better?

As though you can have Christianity without the Lord Jesus — except maybe as some sort of cosmic switch the Father flicks to deal with our sin!

What a sick, twisted joke.

This is just one of the reasons I’ve appreciated the approach Andrew Cameron takes in his fantastic book Joined-Up Life: A Christian Account of How Ethics Works.

On the one hand, Cameron says that ‘to be “Spirit-powered” is to be finally, truly human’ (page 117). And, on the other hand, he keeps insisting that to be truly human we have to participate in Christ — where we discover that our best humanity is Jesus-shaped.

It’s brilliant!

Not only does it make so much sense of the New Testament presentation of Jesus as the Spirit-anointed and -empowered human being. Jesus was enabled to be fully himself by the power of the Spirit.

But it also gives us a work-around for this whole binitarian thing — especially when we factor in the biblical emphasis (impossible to miss in, say, the Sermon on the Mount) on the fact that the true humans are the children of the Father.