Day: September 19, 2011

newborn dreaming

Yesterday Natalie and I welcomed a new addition to our family — Benjamin John Hugh Swann:

Born at 5.09pm, weighing 3.8kg and measuring 50cm — for those who’re interested.

Lots of Christian fathers pontificate about life and the insights having a child can provide into God or whatever. And I’m sure I won’t be immune (although I’m intent on not making every sermon illustration for the next 18 months revolve around our new child).

At this point, my most pressing question is: What do newborns dream about?

Ben seems to dream a lot. At least that’s how I’d interpreted the random twitching and crying out he does while sleeping. And my suspicion has been confirmed by the information pack provided at hospital.

But without a mass of accumulated life experiences, what is it that runs through his somnolent mind?