newborn dreaming

Yesterday Natalie and I welcomed a new addition to our family — Benjamin John Hugh Swann:

Born at 5.09pm, weighing 3.8kg and measuring 50cm — for those who’re interested.

Lots of Christian fathers pontificate about life and the insights having a child can provide into God or whatever. And I’m sure I won’t be immune (although I’m intent on not making every sermon illustration for the next 18 months revolve around our new child).

At this point, my most pressing question is: What do newborns dream about?

Ben seems to dream a lot. At least that’s how I’d interpreted the random twitching and crying out he does while sleeping. And my suspicion has been confirmed by the information pack provided at hospital.

But without a mass of accumulated life experiences, what is it that runs through his somnolent mind?


  1. nice one. Since our little guy has come along I’ve wondered this myself. I’d love to know what’s going on in his head, I mean, how do they think without language? Baffling!

  2. No sermon illustrations??! But chris, babies are God’s special gift to the preacher… Congats you guys. Enjoy these days.

  3. Congrat’s Chris. It’s a real blessing to be a parent. I pray that you and your wife will be imparted with wisdom in how to parent and your son will grow up knowing the Lord and be a benefit to society…

    Blessings craig b

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