Day: January 11, 2012

why I’m not all that interested in making godly decisions

OK. Controversial headline. Copywriting tick.

But what the heck am I talking about? How can I not be all that interested in making godly decisions?

I mean, I’m a Christian, right? And a Christian, moreover, who serves as a leader among Christians — encouraging people to take Jesus seriously.

In part, it has to do with the fact that most of the ‘big’ decisions in my life have already been made. Or at least the decisions we’re all told are the big ones: I’ve got a job (or three). I’m married — and now have a child. And I’ve decided where to live — at least for the moment.

More significantly, though, I’ve started to notice that most of the important decisions I make — the ones which show how serious I really am about Jesus — tend to happen in a split-second, without giving me any time for conscious reflection or deliberation.

I’m talking about the way I react when someone cuts in front of me in traffic. Or when my ideas are derided or sidelined.

In these moments, it’s hardly even useful to talk about ‘making decisions’. They’ve got more to do with habit and instinct.

Samuel Wells draws the same conclusion in his fascinating book Improvisation: The Drama of Christian Ethics. In his opinion (page 75), “Learning to live well is about gaining the right habits and instincts, rather than making the right choices.”

Backing this, Wells appeals to common observation and experience: “If one has the right assumptions and instincts and habits, many of the things others might experience as crises of choice will pass without one being aware of them.”

I’ve started to think of this in terms of moral and spiritual muscle memory.

Which is why I’ve become less interested in making godly decisions. By the time I hit the moment of agony and crisis, the decision has almost always been well and truly made.

I’m realising I need to pay more attention to how I’m training my desires and instincts. Forming my character. Giving myself the kind of regular moral and spiritual workout that will give me this ‘muscle memory’.