atheism reloaded?

I’m finding myself more and more squeezed for time at the moment (something about the start of semester and having a five and a half month old). If I’m going to keep posting here at all, I expect things will get even more unfinished and impressionistic than usual. My apologies.

To kick this off, I’d love to hear your reactions to Allain De Botton’s recent suggestions about atheists learning from religion and developing in new directions.

Why not watch the 19 minute TED version?

And check out Dan’s typically honest and insightful response. Here’s a sample to whet your appetite:

Strangely, I found within De Botton’s praise of religion a rather compelling critique of certain versions of conservative evangelicalism. Too frequently, conservative evangelicalism operates with a truncated theological anthropology. As a product of the rationalist Enlightenment, evangelicalism frequently forgets the power of exactly the kinds of practices that De Botton commends: we jettison liturgical habituation to the truths of the gospel, we fail to engage with the fact that we are creatures of desire, of community, who thrill to beauty, who are inescapably embodied.

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