Day: March 7, 2012

why should I care?

I’m increasingly convinced that preachers and Bible teachers need to do more than just explain what a passage means and what its implications are. They mustn’t do less than that. But they also need to help people answer the question:

Why should I care?

Often we’re relieved of the pressure to foreground this question because we operate in a ministry context in which the majority of people are already serious about the Bible. (Maybe among high school or university students who are more or less used to pursuing truth for its own sake. Or perhaps among those who’ve developed the perfectly admirable assumption that the Bible is intrinsically worth listening to — because that’s where we hear God speak, etc.)

But my hunch is we’re not getting through to more people — or even grabbing their attention — because we don’t work very hard at helping them see why they should care about what the Bible is saying.

So I’d love to hear what sort of things have helped you care about what the Bible is saying (e.g., about a particular issue). Fire away!