Day: April 3, 2013


A friend of mine recently retweeted this (yes – I’ve joined Twitter!):

“There’s a life outside the internet. Hang on, I’ll send you the link.”

This life outside the internet has pretty much totally derailed any attempt to post here lately.

But there’s plenty of stuff brewing. Here are just a few of my current projects:

  1. Trying to figure out some spiritual translations of the best ‘hacks’ from the world of time management, productivity, and getting things done.
  2. Working out how the gospel should shape evangelism — not only in terms of what we say but how we say it (drawing on Bonhoeffer and Family Systems Theory).
  3. Preparing to venture some risky thoughts about biblical ethics, marriage, and sexuality.
  4. And attempting to put into words some misgivings I’ve begun to develop about the traditional evangelical emphasis on ‘conversion’.

Hopefully some of these will make it out of draft in the not-too-distant future. I’m looking forward to resuming the conversation!