Day: May 7, 2013

could your life be more of an empty tomb story?

A couple of weeks ago I got to preach on the closing verses of John’s Gospel — John 21.15-25.

You can listen to my sermon HERE.

I wouldn’t normally mention this. But I found the experience of preparing it particularly encouraging. And I was more than usually satisfied that I didn’t completely botch it.

Here’s the intro to whet your appetite:

Over the few weeks since Easter, we’ve been walking with the disciples the conclusion of John’s Gospel.

Beginning with the empty tomb, we’ve stood with the disciples in their confusion and amazement as our risen Lord met them — bringing peace.

We’ve travelled with them through their doubts and disbelief as he drew out their faltering trust and worship.

And we’ve shared a strange breakfast encounter on a Galileean beach as Jesus commissioned his first disciples — and us too — to be his church in the power of the resurrection. And to get about the work he calls us to take part in with him — fishing for people.

It’s been a journey of hope. Of light breaking into the darkness and brokenness of the cross.

But more than once as I’ve read and listened, I’ve caught myself thinking:

“That’s great! Sure — there is hope and restoration and victory. That’s what being the people of the risen Saviour is all about. So … why don’t I feel it most of the time? Why isn’t my life more of an empty tomb story?”

How is this stuff supposed to land in our day to day? In the weekly grind of battling generalised low-grade illness. Juggling competing deadlines. Trying to work out how to raise something with a boss (or whether it’s even worth raising). Or wondering if it’s OK that you and your partner are collapsing exhausted in front of the TV again.

Maybe you can resonate?

I’m convinced this is where John 21.15-25 comes in.

Because these brief few verses at the very end of John’s Gospel — after the triumph of the resurrection — well, they’re all about ordinary Christian living in the power of our risen Lord…

As I said, you can download the whole thing and listen to it HERE.

And let me know if you find it helpful. Or not.