becoming a church of irresistible influence (5)

Back to the issue of becoming churches of irresistible influence in our communities… Launching into some bridge building may sound great. Surely we’ve got to develop connections in a manner much like cross-cultural missionaries often try to. But things will probably start getting messy when we do. Physical bridges produce changes in island life — disruptions, […]

becoming a church of irresistible influence (3)

At least part of what’s opened up the chasm between local churches and their communities has got to be our overwhelming focus on church activities. This is not just a matter of social events steamrolling gospel-driven programmes. It’s as much a matter of what we consider worthwhile investments of personnel, training and resources. Unfortunately, I […]

becoming a church of irresistible influence (1)

Few would argue with the assertion that gospel-shaped Christian community is fundamentally about sharing. In this sense it’s like all community — at least if O’Donovan’s on the money when he suggests that meaningful sharing is the essence of community (Ways of Judgement, pp 250-251). But this leaves the question: What makes Christian community distinct? What is […]