Here’s a place where we’ll (periodically) post some resources — dealing with biblical, pastoral, theological, ethical, sociological, and all manner of issues.

We hope you find them helpful. And we hope they also help us make the distinction between (a) more bite-sized blog posts, and (b) more heavy-duty — by which we mean lengthy — or reflective pieces.

The most recent stuff is listed first:

Cross-Cultural Connections

Lots of people seem to come here after searching for material on cross-cultural connections – to try and help you out, you can now download a pdf of Natalie’s series of posts on Duane Elmer’s book Cross-Cultural Connections:


The Environment and Future Hope

This is a presentation I gave at the University of New South Wales as part of a Campus Bible Study Arts faculty event. It’s pitched at non-Christians. I’d be happy to send you the accompanying slides if you’re interested.

Environment_and_Future_Hope.mp3 (I’m still figuring out how/where to host this)

Clinical Pastoral Education reflections

As part of my work as a (volunteer) hospital chaplain in 2009, I completed an introductory Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) course. One of the course requirements was for me to prepare personal reflections on six set readings. Here they are:

  1. The nature of loss
  2. Agendas and the chaplaincy
  3. When someone asks ‘Why?’
  4. Assessing spiritual needs
  5. The needs of the dying
  6. Questions in pastoral care

Another Inconvenient Truth?

Outline of my Issues in Theology Presentation about the implications of the doctrine of providence for a Christian response to climate change…


Does Deuteronomy 7 endorse genocide?

An apologetic reflection supplementing a sermon I preached on this passage in May 2009. It’s still a work in progress. I would have liked for it to be more explicitly Christocentric…

genocide_in_deut_71.pdf (updated 12/5/09)

Buying Theological Textbooks (not quite a guide for the perplexed)

I posted this a while ago, but thought some people might find a permanent link helpful. There’s a list of the book sellers I’ve had experience with followed by some very useful suggestions in the Comments.

Check it out