biblical counseling

they always told me that practice makes perfect

I’m continuing to wrestle with the dynamics of spiritual growth. Namely, how do we get on board with the Spirit’s work in ‘perfecting’ (or maturing) God’s people in Christ?

So I really enjoyed this article by Michael R. Emlet
from the Journal Of Biblical Counseling that Matt flicked me.

Emlet is a Christian counsellor who has been stimulated by engaging with James K. A. Smith’s book Desiring The Kingdom.

I love where he lands in this article. I think it’s roughly where I’m up to with Smith’s stuff (just substitute ‘preachers’ or ‘ministers’ for ‘counselors’ in the following paragraph):

So, how do we grow in Christ? How does change happen? Do our desires shape our practices or do our practices shape our desires? Does what we love drive our actions or do our actions drive what we love? Do we grow by examining the direction of our desires and why they lead to certain practices, or by engaging in certain practices that aim the direction of our desires toward God? The answer is, yes and yes! We biblical counselors are more accustomed to travel in one direction on these questions -— i.e., certain thoughts and desires drive certain actions—but James Smith reminds us that spiritual transformation is a two-way street.

They always told me that practice makes perfect. And maybe they were right!